This program encompasses a comprehensive range of subjects related to computing allowing students to gain a broad array of relevant skills. Computers are now an integral part of every-day life and business and their current power, as well as the future possibilities can be appreciated through this program. This program initially covers a range of fundamental principles pertinent to computer technology and its use throughout the world.

Career Opportunities

Application Engineer

Software Engineer

Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Web Developer

IT Educationist

Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer

System and Database Administrator

Data Scientist

Network Engineer

Information Technology Manager

Program Structure

title BSc (Hons) Computing
Credits 360
Duration 3 Years
Scheduled Intakes September
Mode of Assessment Written examinations + Assignments
Location Colombo, Sri Lanka
Awarding Body University of Northampton, UK

Module Structure

Year 1

Code Title Credits
CSY 1014 Computer Systems 20
CSY 1017 Computer Communications 20
CSY 1018 Web Development 20
CSY 1019 Software Engineering 1 20
CSY 1020 Problem Solving & Programming 20
CSY 1021 Databases 1 20

Year 2

Code Title Credits
CSY 2002 Operating Systems 20
CSY 2026 Modern Networks 20
CSY 2027 Group Project 20
CSY 2028 Web Programming 20
CSY 2038 Databases 2 20
CSY 2030 Systems Design & Development 20

Year 3

Code Title Credits
CSY 4010 Computing Dissertation 40
CSY 3010 Media Technology 20
CSY 3023 Cyber Security & Cryptography 20
CSY 3024 Databases 3 20
CSY 3025 Artificial Intelligence Techniques 20

Entry Requirement

3 A/Level subjects plus O/Level English and Mathematics at grade C or Successful completion of International Foundation Program or equivalent.

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