Career Opportunities And High Employability

University of Greenwich and University of Northampton qualifications are recognised and demanded by employers around the world, which is evident in the consistently high employability value of Greenwich and Northampton graduates.

The degrees are designed in consultation with employers across a range of industries in order to produce graduates who meet their demands and specifications. This strong link with the employers and industry specialists ensures that Greenwich and Northampton graduates are sought after both locally and internationally for their cutting-edge skills and knowledge.

BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance

With this degree you can pursue employment in accounting and finance departments of reputed companies, the financial services sector, public sector, NGOs, non-profit organisations and in public practice with firms of certified or chartered accountants.

BA (Hons) International Business

Students who graduate with this degree often find employment in General Management at international firms, Functional Management in the areas of finance, marketing, operations, business services and property, or International Management Consultancy. A large number of students who move onto postgraduate education, are accepted on graduate initiatives and succeed in new business start-ups.

BA (Hons) Business Studies

There are a wide range of career opportunities for graduates, including both public and private sector employment opportunities in specific vocational areas. These include marketing, IT, HRM planning, Accountancy, General Administrative and Managerial Trainee posts.

BA (Joint Hons) Business & Marketing

Careers are wide and varied for graduates of this course. Cooperate Communications, International  Business, Brand Management, Marketing Promotions, PR, International Relationship and General Business Administration also possible.

BA (Joint Hons) Business & Entrepreneurship

Careers are wide and varied for graduates of this course. Some students go on to start up their own businesses soon after graduating, whilst many go into industry. Because of the in depth coverage of accounting, marketing, and business operations, students will have developed a solid foundation for a career in general management of SMEs. The ethos of the course also encourages a creative ‘can do’ attitude welcomed by organisations of all sizes.

BA (Joint Hons) Business & Accounting

There are a wide range of career opportunities for graduates, including both public and private sector employment opportunities in Accounting & Finance, Finance Controling, Business Administration and Marketing.

BSc (Hons) In Computing

Graduates have entered into a number of different computing areas while other students have continued onto Postgraduate courses. A few likely career areas include computer systems hardwaredevelopment, computer networking, software development and internet technology.


The MBA programme delivers management theory and practice combined with a unique professional focus on global business and enterprise. You will have opportunities in management at multinational companies, smaller and medium-sized businesses or government institutions and consultancies.

Higher National Diploma in Business

Join as Management Trainee and climb up the leader to become an executive in General Administration,Marketing, HRM, Operations or Sales.

Higher National Diploma in Computer Science

Opportunities exist in diverse areas such as software engineering, business and IT consultancy, Internet and e-commerce applications, IT support, research, teaching and training.

Advanced Diploma In Information Security & Ethical Hacking

After completing the Advanced Diploma in Information Security and Ethical Hacking, you can start your career as a network technician and climb up the ladder to be a network engineer or to be a security specialist.

Advanced Diploma In Multimedia And Animation

Can join advertising media gaming digital creation and web industry as a designer and climb up the ladder to be an Art Director. This progamme will give you the skills from latest technology in designing industry and also the fundamental understanding of the necessary tools.