It may be easy for organisations to describe its functions, however it is not the same when it comes to its value chain as many specialised areas are attached to it. Areas such as sourcing, logistics, manufacturing, quality, corporate affairs, cost control and legal affairs, are not easy to fix as these evolve with external environmental changes.


In such changing environments, our internal processes also have a huge impact on our cost, quality and customer satisfaction. The final outcome defines our survival, improvement and progress.


When specialisation occurs throughout our value chains, the applicable knowledge you employ makes the difference, ensuring you stand out. Despite this knowledge being available in an organisation, it might be beneficial to bring in external knowhow to create additional value.


EDULINK aims to bring the most appropriate knowledge to you. We create the link between the knowledge source and the knowledge need.


Our trainers and consultants come with sound professional experience in local and multinational environments in Sri Lanka and overseas. They possess all round exposure in their chosen and related fields.


These professionals are considerably updated with the latest industry norms, benchmarks, processes, requirements and

procedures. Their sound academic background enables them to evaluate, study and suggest strategic, operational and tactical directions through participative discussions and implementation plans. This expertise and knowledge spans across most of an organisation’s essential areas such as supply chain, logistics, manufacturing, quality control, marketing, trade marketing, sales, finance and HR.


We provide applicable knowledge for change and positive outcomes.