Sri Lanka is a vibrant cosmopolitan country where ultra-modern glass tower blocks sit alongside traditional markets and well preserved heritage sites. Sri Lanka is also a leading holiday destination. Tourists enjoy a peaceful, tolerant and multi-cultural environment with an excellent infrastructure. Apart from tourism, Sri Lanka continues to be a favoured venue for international conferences, concerts and sporting events. Visitors continue to stream into Sri Lanka to live, work and play, and the impact is being felt in the higher education sector as the government develops its strategy for a knowledge-based economy in the 21st century. Sri Lanka’s higher education sector is also growing rapidly in line with these developments.


International students require a visa in order to study in Sri Lanka. Before travelling to Sri Lanka, you must send the required documents to student counsellors at EDULINK International Campus and we will apply for your visa and assist you with the entry clearance. Once you are in Sri Lanka we will guide you and assist you to get your student residence visa.


Our staff will facilitate you to find self-catered accommodation around Campus which suits to your budget.


The finance department of the Campus supports all international students to open accounts in reputed banks in Sri Lanka.  The nearest bank is across the road of the Campus.


The multi ethnic environment in Colombo has created a very rich food culture. As such, there are restaurants and cafés around the campus that cater Sri Lankan to global cuisines with dining options for all budgets


Sri Lankan climate is tropical and consists of distinct wet and dry seasons. You can expect rains between the months of May and September. Upland areas of Sri Lanka and generally cooler and more temperate, whereas the coastal areas are warmer with average temperatures ranging from 27 degrees C to about 35 degrees C


The entertainment options vary in Sri Lanka. With options from dining out in the city, to spending the weekends or holidays at the hills or the beaches, all of which are easily accessible. There are options so suit any budget, varying from, theatres, art galleries, night life, recreational parks, musical events to name a few.


EDULINK International Campus will recommend and advice to students on suitable medical centres that provide professional and nursing healthcare. Our staff will guide you with necessary assistance.

30% of the student population at our Campus is foreign, enabling us to deliver an authentic, international university experience to local students, right here in Sri Lanka. Our dedicated international office provides information and advice for all international students. We also have representatives in several countries who can offer advice on applying to EDULINK International Campus and assistance with your student visa application. We understand the needs of international students and can provide a range of strategies to help you succeed at EDULINK International Campus.