Here at EDULINK we are educated with subject matter and trained to conquer the corporate world through soft skills. Most importantly the morals and ethics required to be a good human being are also cultivated. EDULINK Experience Labs has also provided me with a brilliant opportunity to join an early start-up and to develop my ideas. If someone asks me “what sets EDULINK apart from other campuses’, I would say it’s the unity. At EDULINK all of us are connected from the deepest place in our heart with one goal; that is the betterment of the campus. I am honoured to be a student here.

Tharushi Jayarathne

Programme: BA (Joint Hons) Business & Entrepreneurship – 1st year
Visakha Vidyalaya, Head Prefect, 2013/14

When it comes to life at university, it’s not only academics we should excel at. In order to be a balanced and successful individual, engaging in extracurricular activities is a must as it not only gives us the pleasure and excitement of playing the game, but also teaches us to take up responsibility and work in a team effectively.
Here at EDULINK, engaging in extracurricular activities has helped me develop in many ways. Being a part of the Cricket and Basketball teams has given me the opportunity to participate in many tournaments which has not only upped my levels of performance, but also developed my skills as a leader.

Nipun Sachintha Peiris

Programme: BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance – 2nd year
Lyceum International School, Deputy Head Prefect, 2012/13
Captain - Basketball and Cricket At EDULINK
President - EDULINK Rotaract Club

The time I have spent at EDULINK has been a really adventurous journey with many challenges, lessons and motivation that has brought me to where I am today. EDULINK is not just an institute that guides you through a curriculum but an institute that gives you the opportunity to apply knowledge to real life scenarios by making learning practical. My friends have been amazingly helpful and friendly; the staff are more than happy to help me whenever I needed it. The Director, Mr. Weeramunda has not only guided me, but has also been a source of motivation and inspired me to aim higher in life. I consider EDULINK a home away from my home.

Mariyam Sofa

Programme: BA (Joint Hons) Business & Entrepreneurship – 1st year
Centre for Higher Secondary Education (CHSE) – Male, Maldives

As a University student you want your thinking to be transformed and to see the world from a new perspective. In the real world, we face many challenges, in order to prepare for these, I believe it is important to gain a variety of skills. What I took away from my undergraduate studies was not just a set of important skills but I became a confident problem solver ready to take on the corporate world.
I was given a holistic university experience which I value tremendously, as I graduated with not just a degree, but with skills that helped me achieve my goals and transformed me into who I am today.

Mohamed Aqeel Rizni

Graduate - BA (Hons) International Business (Marketing)
Management Trainee (Marketing & Sales) Nestle