Research suggests that 90% of students are interested in being future entrepreneurs, however, 75% do not know how and where to start from.

Your time at EDULINK will involve more than just academic studies. We offer an unparalleled range of opportunities that not only complement your degree but will help you develop your skills and gain important life experiences.

EDULINK Experience Labs is a collaborative effort to reach out to these curious potential entrepreneurs. We prepare students for real world success, building entrepreneurial skills and a creative mindset which encourages students to start real companies. At EDULINK we find that students have amazing potential and can build amazing things if provided the right guidance. EDULINK Experience Labs is all about developing the entrepreneurial mindset by instilling in students the self-starter approach, practical business skills and the ability to smash down barriers to make a dream a reality.

If you want to stand out to potential competitors, start a business or social enterprise, EDULINK Experience Labs will help you achieve the difference you seek.