Executive Internship - New Knowledge

We know what we know and we don’t know what we don’t know.


How can we bring new knowledge into our business? There are proven models of bringing in new knowledge. Training programmes and academic approaches are a few traditional ways of going about it.


“Our knowledge comes from our experience and our experience comes from our mistakes”. Are we bound to learn from our mistakes alone?


Executive Internship takes the view that knowledge is everywhere, in our minds, in our reports, in our archives and also in other organisations, other industries and other countries. Bringing industry expertise from other organisations and industries either locally or internationally enables the organisation to learn and move faster.


“Executive Internship” has been designed for Senior Executives in order to gain new knowledge from other organisations and industries in Sri Lanka, Dubai, India and Malaysia. The duration of the programme can be designed based on the scope of learning. This programme is aimed at providing strategic and operational exposure to current and future leaders of



There are environments which are more competitive and complex than ours; this is the environment we will walk into


Bring us your best; we will prepare them for tomorrow with “New Knowledge”.


Student Support Services - Decisions on Details

A unique advantage of the “EDULINK Corporate Engagement Arm” is the availability of its student population.


An organisation or a division within an organisation is faced with many day to day challenges. Sometimes an organisation needs to conduct dip stick studies or surveys in order to get a clear understanding of a situation. Generally organisations have to obtain the use of its existing staff who are already engaged in their assigned activities.


We provide such support services from our students. We aim to achieve two objectives through these services.

  1. Expose our students to the corporate environment.
  2. Guided studies and surveys on organisational issues and needs for management decision making.


As an institute providing higher education and produce graduates, it is our obligation to prepare them for

challenging corporate environments. This service can be offerd only by an educational institute with a sizable student



Second decision is an additional cost. Use our students; make “Decisions on Details”.


Business Consulting - Create Links

Organisations represent industries, industries are the power houses of economic growth. In order to progress, it is a necessity for every organisation and industry to bring expert knowledge into the organisation.


An organisation sources expert input in various ways; a stakeholder, a friend, professional networks or professional bodies. Understanding the nature of an issue, a challenge or an opportunity is of utmost importance. It is advantageous to choose your consultant and know exactly what you need from them. However, where is this knowledge?


The “EDULINK Corporate Engagement Arm” works with industry specialists and consultants who have a sound academic

background and professional experience in their chosen industries. Their experiences are from local and multinational

organisations, in Sri Lanka and overseas. Defining the scope, objectives and measurable deliverables are the focus of our



Knowledge and expertise are outcomes of success and failures. There are other industries and countries where competition is high and environmental and legal complexities are plenty. We find that there are professionals who have learned and progressed in these environments.


EDULINK’s role in consultancy is to link the right professional to the right organisational requirement, to correct, to improve or to change.

Talk to us. We will “Create Links”.

Training & Development - Chasing a Moving Target

When organisations are faced with new challenges and objectives, it always comes with a need of for new skills, competencies,

abilities and behaviours. Some of them are predictable whilst some are situational. Either way, an organisation will find it imposible to work with static skills and competencies.


When we chase a moving target, we do not adhere to our traditional way of learning only. We bring in two approaches to our

training and development activity planning.


  1. One off training – Identify a specific gap in skills/competencies and fill that gap with specific training activities
  2. Training Need Mapping – Developing a training activity calendar with the organisational objectives in mind. This approach ensures that the training activities are connected to the organisational objectives.


Our labour force today is a mix of a few generations. This uniqueness brings different means and styles of learning essential, which are as important as the content of learning.


  • Class room trainings
  • Workshops – Creating practical scenarios
  • Simulation Based Training – Brands such as Silega
  • Outward Bound Training


Objective oriented, behavior changing training options are our speciality and focus. We aim to link trainers with sound academic and professional backgrounds in their subjects.


“Chasing a Moving Target”- Behaviour changing training practices