Academic Writing

You will write throughout your life in different contexts. However writing for academic purposes has its own disciplined culture and language. This module will focus on structures, punctuation and grammar, referencing, etc.

Presentation Skills

In today’s world presentation skills are needed in every field. Therefore delivering information clearly and effectively is a key skill to getting your message or opinion across. This module will take you through all the basics such as defining what a presentation is, ways to collect information to create a presentation, designing a presentation, preparing to deliver a presentation and dealing with questions afterwards.

Soft Skills

Hard skills or qualifications will help you get an interview, yet soft skills help you get through the interview and work in an organisation. It is a key element that is needed in modern business candidates. Language and study skills help you build self-awareness and develop yourself further. The skills which the modules focus are on communication, decision making, self-motivation, leadership, team working, creativity, problem solving, tme management and the ability to work under pressure.

Effective Learning Strategies

Learning strategies help students gain an understanding of their learning styles and methodologies such as critical thinking skills, taking notes, finding information, time management, exam techniques, reading techniques, etc.