We opt for higher education with mostly one objective in mind, which is to secure the job of our dreams after graduating.

In an increasingly competitive job market, our degrees, teaching and assessment methodologies and your wider experience at EDULINK will ensure you stand out and secure the all important graduate job. The question of differentiation then arises. In an environment that is highly competitive, what makes you stand out? Employers seek more than a degree holder; they seek graduates with varied skills and attributes who can succeed on the world of work.

Whilst we ensure your acquire subject knowledge, the programmes we offer enable you to develop key skills in problem solving, independent and critical thinking, communication and presentation, leadership, team building and networking, essentially skills that employers look for.

EDULINK is committed to boosting the employability of students ensuring they are ‘job ready’ upon graduation which enables them to not only secure jobs post graduation but to also thrive in a competitive and fast moving economy. We create students who are not just academically strong but are also well rounded, confident individuals who are up the challenge of post university life.

Careers support and advice

Students are exposed to career guidance and placement support which develops capability and employability. Our staff is committed to preparing students for employment.  

Jobs and Careers fairs

At EDULINK, we provide access to exciting opportunities and introduce you to a dynamic network of local employers through our job fairs in a range of sectors. This not only enables our graduates to find employment after graduation but also gives our existing students the understanding of what is out there.


Our students are provided with opportunities of internships through our network of employers or on campus.