Welcome to EDULINK International Campus. We are delighted that you are exploring the opportunities available and are considering joining us.

The time you spend at university is for personal growth, for changing, for learning and making plans for your future. At EDULINK, we offer our students a campus experience that is fulfilling, enjoyable and satisfying. We care about your future and our dedication to employability will ensure that when you graduate, you shine brighter than the competition and secure the graduate role you deserve.

Our presence here in Sri Lanka has proved to be a great benefit to local students wishing to pursue high quality education. EDULINK is also an ideal choice for international students wishing to study for a UK university degree in Sri Lanka. Our fees are a fraction of those in the UK and Sri Lanka has a comparatively low cost of living. With the Sri Lankan government being keen to attract international students, it is easier to apply for and obtain student visas. With direct flights from many international locations, Sri Lanka is positioned as an attractive study destination.

There are many students like you, who value the standards of British higher education and want to engage in a programme that has been developed and validated within the British education system, making you employable anywhere in the world.

If you choose to study with us, I have every confidence that you will receive the best possible experience ensuring you realise your career ambitions. We are a creative, innovative and forward-thinking campus and we assure you that your time spent at EDULINK will be an invaluable investment in your future.

We look forward to having you at EDULINK and hope that after your time with us, you will join the ranks of our alumni whose aspirations have been heightened, whose minds have been broadened and who have formed friendships to last a lifetime.

Kanishka Weeramunda