Our Vision is to be the foremost higher educational institute delivering innovative and quality assured business education programmes in Sri Lanka and the region. We plan to grow and extend our reach by becoming an international educational centre of excellence for all students throughout the region by consistently delivering quality learning experiences in a superior environment. We will do this by linking with and offering programmes from prestigious UK Universities

A top-tier experience

EDULINK offers you an experience that goes way beyond earning a degree. We believe learning extends to beyond the classroom.

By getting involved in a range of extracurricular activities we offer, you are assured of enjoying a well rounded student life whilst also being able to showcase a wider range of skills, experiences and strengths.


At EDULINK, earning a degree is just as important as winning a title. Our athletes have emerged victorious in Basketball, Football and Cricket

Experience Labs

Your time at EDULINK will involve more than just academic studies. We offer an unparalleled range of opportunities that not only complement your degree but will help you developyour skills and gain important life experiences.

Cultural Celebrations

EDULINK International Campus strives to foster a cultured sense of awareness amongst our students. Through promoting intercultural sensitivity, we engage students in opportunities for personal growth and enrichment. This environment enlightens and broadens our students’ understanding of diversity and multicultural understanding.

Rotaract Club of EDULINK

The Rotaract Club is one of the most active clubs within the university initiating and taking part in activities such as beach clean ups, donation of stationary to underprivileged children and coming together to donate to the less fortunate during times of need.

Workshops & Seminars

Whilst attending lectures introduce key ideas and concepts and are the primary teaching method of our programmes, students at EDULINK are also exposed to seminars and workshops on various aspects which will inspire them to develop their knowledge and skills, valued by employers.

Field Trips

EDULINK is very proactive in terms of providing new experiences and exposure to our students. Academic field trips enhance the learning experience for students. It is fantastic to have
knowledge on topics, but application of that knowledge to a real world scenario makes learning more effective


EDULINK International Campus is a private higher education institute that offers degrees from prestigious Universities in the UK which are both recognised and highly sought after by employers worldwide. We offer a range of subjects including Business, Accounting & Finance and Computer Science at Foundation, Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels. The delivery of our programmes is complemented by a highly-qualified panel of lecturers, world-class facilities and strict adherence to stringent quality assurance procedures followed in the UK. We are committed to delivering an excellent experience to students and enabling them to move into employment and contribute to the economy and society. We also offer scholarships to talented underprivileged students and frequently sponsor workshops, conferences and other events in both the secondary and tertiary education sectors

EDULINK International Campus is fully-owned by EDULINK Consultants of Dubai, a multinational education company which specialises in establishing academic institutions and developing branch campuses of renowned international universities around the world. EDULINK Consultants, in collaboration with Middlesex University UK, established Middlesex University Dubai in 2005: this campus currently teaches 2800 students. In addition , the company has set up EDULINK International College in Nairobi, Kenya while a former EDULINK Campus Director, Professor Browne, has set up Plato University of Management and Design in Kyrgyzstan. The group has other successful international partnerships and collaborations in Europe, the Mediterranean, Africa and Asia which stands today as hallmarks of quality education. We are currently exploring more opportunities to expand our global footprint.

Our Vision

To be the foremost higher educational institute delivering an innovative and quality assured business education programmes in Sri Lanka and in the region.

Our Mission

Strives to enlighten the personal and professional life of the young generation of Sri Lanka and the region.