Sri Lanka is a multicultural society with a passion for sports, a love of food, vibrant, with a craving for music.

Located in the Indian Ocean this tropical island has a history dating back to the birth of time. Few places in the world can offer the visitor such a remarkable combination of stunning landscapes, unique wildlife, pristine golden beaches, captivating cultural heritage and generous hospitality. It is known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean and considered to be one of the most exciting and attractive holiday destinations in the world. Lonely Planet publishing called Sri Lanka the No.1 destination to visit in 2013. Visitors to Sri Lanka soon call our Home their Home. Sri Lanka is truly magical.

Sri Lanka has begun a new chapter of peace and harmony. Local and foreign direct investment has increased, business is expanding, tourism is booming and infrastructure is rapidly developing. To accommodate these developments, facilities such as road, airline and marine transportation, communication, power and technology have been massively enhanced.